Condominiums and apartment complexes become more in fashion and more attractive, not just for the costs, but as our community ages, we want a more simple lifestyle.  Condominiums offer floor plans, security, and flexibility for many different lifestyles, and only to be in higher demand as our communities (and economies) become more mature and diversify.

As municipalities, builders, developers, and land owners realize higher costs, population density becomes a higher priority as a way to achieve more monies earned and saved.  Municipalities want more people in a smaller area, for instance, the City of Neenah for example has a similar population to what it had 20 years ago, but the sheer size of the city has grown 25%+.  This makes it fiscally challenging for the costs of services, not to mention a police force that must patrol a larger area with the same number of people.

Client education is a large part of our customer service philosophy and the best way to understand what it is like in a particular condominium association is to hear it straight from the residents living there. If you decide to buy condominiums now, you could be facing a very good financial decision. You might be curious as to why condos are selling. Visiting a commons area or even the mailbox area of an association can be invaluable in learning about an association.

Buying your home is an exciting experience. Your initial contact with us can be an information sharing session where you will describe the home you desire. We will provide an overview of the locations and the properties available in them and the frequency at which such occur. After our initial discussion we will perform a detailed search for available homes meeting your criteria. We will then arrange a tour or these homes.

If you do not find a suitable home on the tour, with an email address, I will search daily for homes coming on the market that meet your criteria. 

Through good communication we have helped a husband and wife look for approximately 18 months for THE RIGHT home.  We looked at homes most of those 18 months until THE home came onto the market. Within seconds of the sale being posted on a white board, by another Realtor in our office, we had an appointment to see it and an accepted offer later that evening.

Although buying a condo can be a wonderful experience and investment, if you are also selling a residence it can also be a very challenging experience. A comparative market analysis will be prepared to assist in determining the appropriate selling price of your home.

Whether a buying, selling, or both, we can help you with your goals.  Contact us for a free, no commitment consultation to see if we can help.


   Fox Valley Sales Trends - We watch the market so you don't have to fend for yourself
Every month we update charts and monitor the market for our sellers and buyers.  Knowing the current supply, demands, and specific competition to a property for sale is only one responsibility we take on to help our clients.  View the graphs that include condo sales at our other site to learn more about us, current trends, and techniques...


Are you interested in seeing/learning what some of the area covenants, by-laws, and restrictions have been?  For educational use only, read on to find documents of Fox Valley condo and planned developments.





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